Growing In God's Grace
We have a GREAT message to tell!
We have a message that far outweighs any other!

  • ​We have a God who loves us and cares for us!
  • We know He holds the answer to all questions and the solution to ALL problems life can throw at us!
  • We know He sent His SON, Jesus, to rescue us all from the consequences of our sins!
  • We know what the future has in store for us and--it includes an eternity in heaven with Him!

Daily Devotion

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Through My Bible In 3 Years

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WELS Together Newsletter:

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Forward in Christ

» Members support Vietnam outreach
Grace - children looking out into fieldIn 2018, God’s grace opened the door to an unprecedented mission opportunity for our synod. The communist Vietnamese government invited WELS to build a theological education facility in the capital city of Hanoi to train leaders of the Hmong Fellowship Church. In December 2018, WELS Missions embarked on a synodwide campaign with the goal of […]
Faith Related Q and A

What is the truth, if any, on this post that is currently making the rounds on Facebook? "In one night, in response to Luther's anti-Semitic sermon, synagogues were burned to the ground and over 2000 Jews were slaughtered." A friend posted this and would like to respond intelligently with what is or isn't true about this, citing historical facts if possible. Thanks.
Our mother recently passed away. She believed in Jesus as her Savior, so we know her soul is in heaven with Him. We miss her terribly but rejoice for the end of her earthly suffering and the beginning of her eternal joy. Is it inappropriate or otherwise questionable for us to pray to Jesus to let our mom know how much we love her, miss her, and look forward to seeing her again in heaven?
I understand that as a woman I am not to have authority over men in the church. What I don't understand is why women can't have the same level of education men receive at seminary in order to hold a position in the church to teach and counsel other women. Women in the church are often not comfortable going to a male pastor with questions and life situations that men do not have an understanding of like a woman does. Thank you for your time.
Is engagement tantamount to marriage?
How long has Apacheland been a World Mission? When did they celebrate their latest mission anniversary?
My dear friend is very excited about Colton Burpo's story, "Heaven Is For Real." What is an appropriate, scriptural response to those who believe his account, and the accounts of others, of having visited heaven and returning to tell the story? Am I wrong to be skeptical because Colton and his father have sold millions of books and produced a movie, no doubt for great monetary gain?
I am interested in how to more openly discuss with my daughter who says that she is a lesbian on how it is not right in God's ways. She shuts herself down to us most of the time and says that we do not love her. We have tried to make it known to her that we do still love her but we are not able to accept her lifestyle.
A question was recently brought up about what type of grape juice to use for Communion for those who cannot drink wine. Does it need to 100% grape juice or is a grape juice that includes apple juice acceptable? Thank you.
I became a WELS member in 1968 when I married my husband who was born and raised WELS. I love being a member of a church that is totally based on the teachings of the Bible. The only thing I have a hard time understanding is why women are not allowed to vote in the WELS. Where is this decided in the Bible? Thank you.
What is the difference between WELS and the Missouri Synod? Thank you.
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