Growing In God's Grace
We have a GREAT message to tell!
We have a message that far outweighs any other!

  • ​We have a God who loves us and cares for us!
  • We know He holds the answer to all questions and the solution to ALL problems life can throw at us!
  • We know He sent His SON, Jesus, to rescue us all from the consequences of our sins!
  • We know what the future has in store for us and--it includes an eternity in heaven with Him!

Daily Devotion

Honor and Glory – April 9, 2020
The Immortal Came to Die – April 8, 2020
The King Came to Serve – April 7, 2020
Through My Bible In 3 Years

» Through My Bible Yr 3 – April 9
» Through My Bible Yr 3 – April 8
» Through My Bible Yr 3 – April 7
WELS Together Newsletter:

» Decision on district conventions
» Together at the empty tomb this Easter
» April 2020 Home Missions update
Forward in Christ

» The blessing of elder care ministry
Sam Kleinschmidt, a member at Crown of Life, a multi-site congregation in California, perhaps didn’t know what to expect when he agreed to serve as power of attorney for an elderly member. But that decision started a chain of events—and a new ministry for the entire congregation. “It’s amazing the opportunities that God puts at […]
Faith Related Q and A

Before Communion, the pastor says a blessing followed by the sign of the cross, over the elements, before distributing them. What’s the reason for the blessing. He cannot change them to blood and body. During these days, some churches are having service in their parking lot, using short range radio. You bring your drink of choice, bread or cracker, he blesses them and you receive Communion. Is this acceptable?
Would you please explain how the readings are chosen for service? Why are some readings from the Old and others the New Testament? How come we only stand for the "gospel"? Shouldn't we stand for all the readings because it is the "word of the Lord"? Thank you for your response!!!
Can I be forgiven for sins when i said the G--D D-M IT? I did not mean it. The words just kinda slipped out of my mouth. I read the Bible or books like Billy Graham etc. and pray every day that God will forgive me. I hope that Jesus will let me into heaven when my time comes.
What does God say about prayer and when and how often we need to do it ? I do pray to the Lord for dinner, problems , bad days or frustration, church, etc., but it seems like that's the only time I go to the Lord. I would like to know if what I am doing is the correct thing, and not that I only go to God when times are not good. Can you provide any passages for my concern? Thanks.
Why don’t Lutherans make the sign of the cross like Catholics do? I know Lutheran pastors start services by making the sign of the cross but why doesn’t the congregation do it?
Where do our souls go at the time of death?
Have you heard of a guy named Tovia Singer? He is a Jew that is totally against Jesus. He is well versed in the Bible and says worshiping Jesus is idolatry. He has really made me question Jesus as God's Son and his knowledge of the original Hebrew text and how the so-called prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament are not talking about Jesus at all, like the Isaiah prophecy was talking about Hezekiah. Is Jesus idol worship? Was he made up by the Greeks? This is destroying my Christian faith.
During the recent emergency (Coronavirus), can a WELS husband and a WELS wife give each other Communion at home?
During this COVID-19 period of isolation/shelter-in-place, could you please take us back to our Catechism instruction days and refresh us on (1) why for good order we ask our pastors to distribute Holy Communion as well as (2) who may do so in good conscience, especially in special circumstances like quarantine. I think it would be a timely topic for those craving the blessings of Lord's Supper while our churches cannot physically meet. Thank you.
How do Lutherans view the Virgin Mary compared to Catholics? Do they still honor her and love her?
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