Ladies Circle News
Last updated on October 12, 2018 at 3:07:30 AM
Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church
Ladies Circle Meeting Minutes
The meeting began with a call to order.
A sign in sheet with room for name, address, telephone, and email address was distributed.  Individuals were asked to verify their information or edit the previous address list so that updates to our Ladies Circle list could be made.  It was also suggested that Chris Folkerts receive a copy for distribution at Resurrection.
Meeting Minutes from 11/03/2019 were distributed. 
The budget was read:  Beginning balance of $370.21. Received $117.50 from poinsettias. Paid was $77.70 for supplies and 98.54 for Poinsettias; leaving a balance of $311.44.,
Diana provided a mission’s update by distributing the “Central Africa Medical Mission Update.”

Kim provided an update on the Me And My Mother’s (MAMMs) group and stated that a meeting will be held in the near future to discuss an Easter for Kids, which is held the Saturday just before Easter.  It was discussed that Resurrection would be given notice so that they could participate if they would like.
Glenda stated that the parament colors were on the Church year calendar and a copy of the calendar has been hung in the flower room for the Altar Captains. In addition to Sue, Linda and Evelyn volunteered to become Captains. It was requested that the extra Flower Chart be hung on the back closet door for members to sign up for Flowers for the Altar.

There were no new volunteers for refreshments, however, Kim and Shirley will now do refreshments together. Kim stated that with the new list of refreshments there will be a general list of duties involved when serving refreshments.
Arizona Lutheran Academy (ALA)’s service day will be March 4th.  Good Shepherd and Resurrection will request students to help clean both sites.  Kim will coordinate with ALA and Sue, Linda, and Kathy will supervise the students at Good Shepherd, Mary will supervise at Resurrection.  Kim stated that she would put a list together for Good Shepherd and make sure all supplies to clean will be available for March 4th.  Kim will coordinate with Resurrection to get a generalized list of the type of work to be done and send that to ALA.
Banners will be changed on February 23rd for Ash Wednesday and April 11th for Easter.
Sign up sheets for Mid-Week Services’ Soup and Sandwich suppers, Easter Breakfast, Strata’s for Easter morning, and Lilies for the Altar were passed around.  Sign up sheets will be in the back of the church for further volunteers.  Glenda expalined that we usually have volunteers do Strata’s and all others bring breakfast items for Easter Brunch.  The Easter eggs for the tables on Easter will again be colored by the children at the Easter for Kids.
All were encouraged to give thought to the design of a Dual Parish Letterhead.
It was decided that the Ladies night out (children are included) will be March 28th at 4:00 pm.  Linda volunteered to reserve My Mothers Restaurant at 4130 N 19th Ave just above Indian School.  Resurrection and Good Shepherd will put up a sign up sheet at each of their churches.  Kathy stated that a head count will need to be given by the Monday prior.
Next Meeting will be in April.  Date to be determined.
Just as the Father knows me and I know the Father--and I lay down my life for the sheep.(John 10:15)