Wishing to Join Good Shepherd Church
If you are already considering joining a church, you probably already have an understanding that gathering with like minded individuals for worship is an important practice. This practice is encouraged throughout the Bible and was initially established by Jesus as he called his followers together and began teaching them.

Joining Good Shepherd Church can be done in several different manners; depending on your individual situation. You may already be a member of one of our sister churches in fellowship with WELS/ELS, whereby you need only to obtain a request for transfer from your present congregation and forward it to Good Shepherd. At the next voters assembly you would be accepted into our congregation with a warm welcome. 

If you are coming from another church denomination in the Christian faith, it would be best and customary that you contact Pastor VonDeylen to review any questions you might have regarding differences that might exist.

If you are coming from a non-Christian background or an un-churched situation the recommendation would be made to engage in one of our Bible instruction classes. You might also be encouraged to join us in our various ongoing Bible classes.
The Bible Instruction Class is exactly that; it is the instruction in the many teachings of the Bible that give us the knowledge of our God and the way he has prescribed for eternal life with him. Jesus says in John 5:39b, “These are the words that testify about me.” To be a Christian is to know Jesus as one’s Savior and follow his instructions.
Classes begin at various intervals, but if our times do not fit into your schedule you will find that Pastor VonDeylen is quite flexible and would do his best to meet your needs. He can be reached at 281-919-7887. We would truly enjoy studying God’s Word with you and grow together, in one common faith.
Just as the Father knows me and I know the Father--and I lay down my life for the sheep.(John 10:15)