As written in the 40th Anniversary service folder
1947  -  1987

   The first service of Good Shepherd Ev. Lutheran Church was held on March 16, 1947. It was held in a house at 1634 W. Encanto Blvd., which had been purchased by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod as a residence for the pastor. The service was conducted by the Rev. Victor C. Schultz, who had arrived in January 1947 to establish a new church in what was then the northwest corner of Phoenix. Nineteen people were in attendance.

   After three services in the parsonage, the new congregation transferred their services to Franklin School at 17th Avenue & McDowell Rd. It continued to meet there until December 21, 1947, when its first building was dedicated at 7th Avenue & Earll Drive. Formal organization of the congregation, with the election of officers and the adopting of a constitution took place on October 8, 1947.

   A Christian day school was opened in the same building on September 13, 1948, with enrollment of 28 children, taught by one teacher. A classroom wing was added to this building in the spring of 1950. A principal, Mr. Kurt R. Peterman, was called to head the school in the summer of 1950, and teachers were added to the faculty as the school's enrollment increased. The teacherage located at 808 W. Earll Drive was purchased in January 1953 as a residence for the principal and his family.

   Pastor Schultz continued to serve the congregation until May, 1952 when he followed a call to Wisconsin, the membership having attained a size of approximately 100 communicant members. Pastor I. G. Frey was called from Douglass, Arizona to succeed him. He was installed on the first sunday in October, 1952.

   The original building with its classroom wing continued to serve as church, school and parish hall until November 27, 1960, when the present church building, seating approximately 325 people was dedicated.

   A restroom-storageroom was added to the school in the summer of 1970, and a classroom-principal's office-workroom was completed in the summer of 1971.

   The original parsonage at 1634 W. Encanto Blvd. was sold in the summer of 1969 and a new one was completed adjacent to the church property at 714 W Avalon Drive in February 1970.

   On November 28, 1981, the Rev. David J. Farley was installed as pastor of Good Shepherd. In September of 1983 a fire caused substantial damage to the parish hall, which resulted in the remodeling of the interior. During the seven weeks of remodeling, St. Thomas congregation graciously offered the use of its facilities so that classes could continue. A new constitution also ushered in evengelism, stewardship and elder's committees.

   In 1984 new fence walls were added to the church and parsonage yards to complete the courtyard and playground boundaries. In 1985 the congregation sold the teacherage on Earll Drive and used the funds to retire its debt to the Church Extension Fund. On June 15, 1986, Pastor Farley conducted his farewell service at Good Shepherd, having been led by the Lord to serve in His kingdom in a new mission at Bakersfield, CA.

   On August 24, 1986, Pastor Terry A Deters, coming from Trinity Lutheran Church, Brillion, WI, was installed as the fourth pastor in the history of Good Shepherd. In the fall of 1987 a Pre-school and After Care program was added to the educational programs of our elementary school.

   As of July, 1987, the membership of Good Shepherd stands at 213 baptized souls, of which 166 are communicant member Current enrollment in the school is 46.

   Our church records reveal that over the past 40 years 395 persons were baptized, 363 confirmed and 162 couples were married by our pastors. Christian burials numbered 46.



   Kurt R Petermann, principal since 1950, was replaced in 1959 by G. P. Bertram, remaining until 1962, to be followed by John L. Eaton who remained until 1967. At that time Roger Seivert was called and was replaced in 1978 by Joel P. Mischke, who in turn was followed by Joseph S. Beatrice in 1984. In 1988. Mr Beatrice was replaced by Richard DeFrain who remained with us until we were forced to close the school with only 12 students and three teachers, in 2010.

   We have had the added blessings of thirteen Vicars thru the years to assist in the growth of God's kingdom. they are as follows:

   Harold J. Hagedorn (1968-1969); Forrest L. Bivens (1969-1970); Phillip A Koelpin (1970-1971); Steven Degner (1971-1972);Peter Berg (1972-1973); Craig Huska (1973-1974); Jerome McWaters (1974-1975); Daniel Garbow (1975-1976); Beck Goldbeck (1976-1977); Phillip Mischke (1977-1978); Kenneth Pasch (1978-1979); Donald Tollefson (1979-1980) & William Brassow (1980-1981).
Women Teachers who have Served 

   We have been further blessed to have a ready supply of ladies that have put in endless hours to assist us as parents to bring up children in the way they should go. They have all been a tremendous blessing to the children and to the congregation. They are as follows:

   Mrs. Ruth Cook, Mrs. Marie Raaths, Miss Esther Oestreich, Miss Elvira Krueger, Miss Lynnette Johannpeter, Mrs. Joyce McDonald, Miss Carol Matsunaga, Miss Joyce Shorer, Miss Karen Drake, Miss Yvonne Weindorf, Mrs Charmaine Widmann, Miss Paullette Zahrt, Miss Karen Sheriff, Miss Eileen (Lincoln) Davis, Mrs. Wynn Pratt, Mrs. Betty Reaume, Miss Judith Walther, Mrs. Marsha Found, Mrs. Lila Sprague, Mrs. Glenda Steffenhagen, Mrs. Janet Mischke, Mrs. Muriel Tech, Mrs. Carol Plath, Mrs. Monica Beatrice, Mrs. Barbara Jaehnig, Mrs. Carla DeFrain, Miss Kelley Dahl & Mr.s Laurie Easley. 

Just as the Father knows me and I know the Father--and I lay down my life for the sheep.(John 10:15)