From the Board of Stewardship & Evangelism
God has given us the great privilege of being made his children and the inheritors of heaven. Through our God-given faith in Jesus, we can look forward to the day Jesus will say to us, "Come, you who arblessed bmy Fathertake your inheritancethkingdom  prepared for you since the creatioof the world, "(Matthew 25:34.)

Since we have been given these great privileges, it will naturally follow that we will continue to exercise the responsibilities that are also ours - responsibilities which several in our church have shown. To name a few: Our entire Ladies' Circle members host our Sunday refreshments, Lenten Soup and Sandwich Suppers, and pot luck dinners. Then, too, others provide meals and refreshments for our Summer Vacation Bible School. 

Still I would be remiss not to express appreciation and thanks to my band of evangelists who hand out flyers to various events in our church.

I ask for the help and assistance of any and all interested people. It is a great privilege to present the Truth to all who enter our doors. BE PART OF THIS PRIVILEGE! The following is needed for a successful year:
               1)    Teachers. 2) Helpers. 3) Greeters. 4) Servers. 5) Joyful spirits in proclaiming
                      God's Word.
               2)    In addition, we will need faithful members who will be regular in: a) church
                     attendance; b) Sunday and Wednesday Bible study; and c) bringing
                     family, friends, and neighbors to any or all of the above!
In Christ,
Board for Stewardship and Evangelism
"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." ~ John 10:27