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My Thoughts For Sunday, 9 April 2017
“A Chinese Proverb, Surpassed”

Joy shared is doubled.  Sorrow shared is halved.
A Chinese Proverb
         I have always felt this was a very pleasing and satisfying thought. I knew that sharing joy is a great opportunity for others to also have some semblance of joy, even if not of their own making. Joy is a good thing. Sharing our sorrow can also be very rewarding, in that sharing our sorrows with someone who truly cares for our wellbeing, can greatly lessen the load we must continue to bear.

      Later in life, when I became enthused about my Lord, I began an in-depth study of His Word, His promises to me and all mankind, I found that the Chinese proverbs were lacking in truly delivering all that is possible and meaningful.

      I can never forget the time I came across Peter’s instruction to us in his first epistle, chapter 5, verse 7, which gave me a whole new outlook on “halving my sorrows”. Peter wrote, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” Peter was clearly speaking of our Lord and the promise He has given us multiple times throughout Scripture to trust in Him, be anxious about nothing. I realized by Peter’s statement, I don’t have to carry even half of my load of sorrows. Jesus has promised to carry it all for me. This is true love that can only be spoken of by sinful humans, never really realized or practiced. This is the same devoted love He showed for me at His crucifixion. He took all my sins upon His shoulders as He carried His cross up that long road to Calvary. He carried all my sins, all your sins and all the sins of the whole world, for all time.  He did not give us the option or the promise of carrying half the load and we would continue to bear the remainder. No! He clearly tells us to cast all our anxieties on Him, alone. Dump the whole thing! Get rid of it! Forget it ever existed!

      I have no reasonable alternative than to take His advice, forget the half promise of the Chinese proverbs, enjoy the full release of our anxieties. In turn we can also enjoy the full joy in knowing all the sin and guilt has been taken away. We can now share fully and completely this joy with all those around us by sharing this saving message with them of the price Christ willingly paid for their sins and anxieties to be removed forever. The words of the apostle Paul to the Romans says it very clearly. “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

      Shouldn’t we be compelled to do something in return for what Jesus did for us. He doesn’t ask much from us in thankfulness. We are told to believe in the sacrifice He made for us, share the good news of the salvation He won for us. As our theme for this Lenten season states, “Repent, Turn to Jesus.” It is time to join the believers, turn from your old lifestyle and come to the One who has given you the promise of salvation. This was God’s gift to all mankind, share it and share the joy with your friends in knowing they too have this same promise.

      Now, as we continue in the last days of His Passion History; as we watch how brutally He was beaten, for us; how painfully He was scourged and insulted, for us; remember He carried your sins and mine to His crucifixion. As we walk with Him on Good Friday, to be at His feet through His crucifixion, remember He did this willingly and with only you in mind. His desire was that you might be redeemed through the shedding of His blood. That you would finally be seen in the eyes of His Father as sinless and worthy beings, able to live the promised life in eternity with Him.

      From deep within my heart, from my loving wife and family and from my church family of friends at Good Shepherd Church, we offer the most sincere Easter wishes and our Lord’s blessings to you all.
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