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Tho'ts From The Sheep is dedicated to input from members of our church interested in reaching out to friends in the world. Always remembering that "Friends are actually strangers we have not had the opportunity to meet yet" 

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Just a Little Yeast
      Scott and Don were friends. They shared the same office space for more than fifteen years. When Scott was married, Don and his wife there to help. When Don's twins were born, Scott and his wife rejoiced and helped out as much as needed. Best of all, they were both Christian men.
      During lunch one day, Scott noticed Don's new pen.

      "Say, Don." Said Scott." That's a neat pen. It looks just like the ones the boss uses."

      "It is." grinned Don. "He has a box of them in his supply room. He won't miss one."
Scott said nothing and changed the subject.

      The next day as Scott passed Emily's desk, he noticed that she had one of the boss's pens.
"Nice pen," said Scott.

      "Don gave it to me. He said that the boss wouldn't mind." Scott said nothing.

      During the next few weeks Scott saw more of the boss's pens, and even boxes of the special pencils with the company logo around the office. It was when Jason asked him for help to carry out to his car a box of specialty paper, and when he noticed a complete set of ink cartridges on Sandy's desk that didn't match her work printer he really became concerned.
That afternoon as Don headed for a break, Scott joined him.

      "Don, you're giving away an awful lot of the boss's stuff. Don't you realize that is stealing? God warns us about stealing. You're breaking God's laws."

            "Oh, Scott, don't be silly. There is so much stuff in that room that"s not being used. Let's just say I"m Robin Hood........take from the unused and give to those who can use it. Here, have a pen."

      Scott said nothing, but he was troubled. He knew he should talk to the boss about all this, but Don was a good friend, and he could be hurt. He knew this was all wrong. Still he said nothing. After Supper that night, Scott asked Jill, his wife, what she would do in such a situation.

      "I would tell my boss. Scott.....Don is a thiefl"

      "If only he left it at one little pen. If only I said something."

      "No! Even one little pen is still stealing, and its never just one little pen, or one little drink, one game of chance, one cigarette, one peek at porn. It only gets more and more until you can't let it go. Because you said nothing you're just as guilty and more so since you haven't confronted this unrepentant sinner."

      The next morning as Scott entered the building, he saw a large yellow sign on his office complex door. "ALL PERSONAL FROM OFFICE C...PLEASE MEET IN THE UPPER CONFERENCE ROOM' The conference room was unusually quiet as his co-workers gathered. After several minutes, the boss appeared with his secretary.

      "Thank you for being so prompt." he said, "We have a serious issue that must be resolved. For several months much has been stolen from my private supply room. It is obvious that you all know who is the thief. If anyone of you had come forward, I would have been understanding and forgiving. Since no one has, you all are guilty. Therefore you all are FIRED!"

"...hand this man over to Satan, so that the sinful nature may be
destroyed and his spirit saved on the day of the Lord.
Don't you know that a little yeast works through the whole batch of dough?"

1 Corinthians 5:5 & 6
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