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7/29/2015   Minutes 7-26-2015 Kim Perry Download
1/18/2015   Meeting Minutes Kim Perry Download
8/23/2017   Ladies Minutes Jan 22 2017 Download
8/23/2017   Ladies Minutes 4-30-2017 Download
8/23/2017   Ladies Meeting Minutes 7-16-2017 Download
2/25/2017   Ladies Circle Minutes 12-18-2016 Kim Perry Download
10/29/2015   Ladies Circle Meeting10-18-15 Kim Perry Download
9/11/2016   Ladies Circle Meeting Minutes 4-17-16 Kim Perry Download
10/17/2016   Ladies Circle Meeting Minutes 10-16-16 Kimberly Perry Download
2/20/2016   Ladies Circle Meeting Minutes 1-17-16 Kimberly Perry Download
4/20/2015   Ladies Circle 4-19-2015 Kim Perry Download

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